“Gender Differentiation in Politics” – @syailariza

  1. The issue of gender differentiation in politics has not been of interest to scholars until early 80’s #prespective +
  2. The role of women in the areas associated with power and prestige were significant only to some historians who underlined that,#prespective+
  3. On the scene of history, women were most likely playing second role. #prespective+
  4. The glass ceiling made it hard for women to obtain and secure their places in the same way men did. #perspective+
  5. If politics, foreign affairs were male-related areas, then women were associated with the private, personal sphere of life. #perspective+
  6. So how the role of women in modern politics related to this explanations? #perspective+
  7. The stereotypes draw us to believe that there is no succesfull way in joining the two sphere. #perspective+
  8. Even if nowdays we face what seems to be redistribution of power such as public policies, startegic planning,etc #perspective+
  9. We have to take into consideration that by encouraging women to enter the political arena and by facilitating the process ….#persective+
  10. …Such as special seats assigned to women, #perspective+
  11. We also draw into attention the fact thay women need support,while men do not need(on the causes of male domination in politics)#perpective+
  12. Another part is (don’t forget) media plays a significant part in potraying the image of female candidates. #perspective+
  13. Fyi, based on poltracking studies there are (Just) 3 females candidates from 35 presidential cadidates. #perspective+
  14. We should not draw the conclusion that this is a men’s world and women do not have a place of their own. #prespective+
  15. We should understand that the continous evolution of society structure is a welcomed proof that stereotypes change too #perspective+
  16. @Khairunnisaa the point is when women do politics, does not mean that men will be replaced. (It might well be a zero-sum game)#perspective+