Knowledge Everyday = Wealthy – @syailariza

  1. There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.-Buddha #KEy+
  2. Look at the Wealth versus Poverty at my prev tweet.Thats just define our life. Others have wealth life and the others under poverty #KEy+
  3. Then what can of life do you want to live? of course the wealthy life right? #KEy+
  4.  Then the first thing that we need is a knowledge. Just like our basic needs as our resources to build social/eco/cultural capital. #KEy+
  5. Because if you have network and trust but u dn’t hve knowledge you will not hv another access to this globalization and modern world #KEy+
  6. Information and knowledge as an significant role to keep our self survive as our “power” #KEy+
  7. This “power” strengthened our capital. !!! wealthy our hand ! #KEy+
  8. if you want build ur capital then just join w #KEy here -> +
  9. Knowledge Everyday = Wealthy vs Ignorance = Poverty #KEy