1.  Social capital’ is a concept that refers to the ways that people create social networks and social relationships, …#perspective+
  2.  …and to the trust and norms of engagement that ease these interactions. #perspective+
  3.  As forms of social capital, networks and trust are seen to generate social solidarity and inclusion. #perspective+
  4.  To my opinion, this is the important thing that survey research institutions should have #perspective+
  5. when survey research insitution presents their result to the public, public should know well about the metodology, indeed. #perspective+
  6.  Nevertheless beyond this, there are also important how that institution construct public trust to them. #perspective+
  7.  public trust (here) not just about the data it self. #perspective+
  8. But How the institution could build up the social networking to their own stakeholders(e: media,goverment,society figure,etc) #perspective+
  9.  So that this social capital can facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit.(between institution and its stakeholders)+
  10. For example, in Indonesia today as a political survey institution need to be registered at KPU #perspective+
  11. But it is just not enough. #perspective+
  12. A survey institution should have a strong social capital (trust&social networking) in maintaining their performance. #perspective+
  13.  This can be measured by how many media (mainstream/no) that shows their survey results to the public. #perspective+
  14. Fyi, so far The survey institution often showed in Media Mainsteam in Indonesia are Cirus, LSI, Pol-tracking Institute, Charta Politika.#perspective+
  15. It is significant, which is reciprocally can build and strengthened  performance of survey institution #persepctive+