Why People Commited Suicide?@syaialriza

  1. Why #Key? Because we believe that knowledge is a tool to open the gate of change. Let’s have “Knowledge Everyday”! 🙂+
  2. Mlm ini, sy akn nge-#KEy ttg mngapa seseorang mlkukan bunuh diri (Suicide). Durkheim defined suicide from a social fact #perspective+
  3. Ever heard about “Caleg” commited suicide? Why people committed suicide? #KEy+
  4. At first glance, suicidal behavior can be defined as a personal choice. The cause is often associated with psychiatric disorders #KEy+
  5. However,Durkheim emphasises that the force, which determines the suicide, is not psychological but social. #KEy+
  6. Durkheim found4 distinctive types of suicides that occur as social facts &could be collectively remedied by adjusting social processes #KEy+
  7. Egoistic Suicide: when a man becomes socially isolated or feels that he has no place in the society he destroys himself. #KEy+
  8. This is the suicide of self-centred person who lacks altruistic feelings and is usually cut off from main stream of the society.#KEy+
  9.  Altruistic suicide: This type of suicide occurs when individuals and the group are too close and intimate.#KEy+
  10. This kind of suicide results from the over integration of the individual into social proof #KEy+
  11. Anomic suicide: it is due to certain breakdown of social equilibrium, e: suicide after bankruptcy or after winning a lottery. #KEy+
  12. What is Anomie? Anomie= Role shift+vague expectations about what is expected+ sudden change #KEy+
  13. Fatalistic Suicide : This type of suicide is due to overregulation in society. #KEy+
  14. Finally, the solutions that could be take are to build a strong connection with the family and community, #KEy+
  15. Promote our cultural&religious beliefs that discourage suicide,as well as support self-preservations&other types of social supports #KEy+