• When asked which emotion I’m feeling, I frequently don’t know the answer
  • I’m unsure of which words to use when describing my feelings.
  • I can’t identify feelings that I vaguely sense are going on inside of me.
  • I prefer to find out the emotional intricacies of my problems rather than just describe them in terms of practical facts.
  • People tell me to describe my feelings more, as if I haven’t elaborated enough
  • People sometimes get upset with me, and I can’t imagine why.
  • People tell me I don’t listen to their feelings properly, when in fact I’m doing my utmost to understand what they’re saying!
  • Describing the feelings I have about other people is often difficult.
  • Some people have told me I am cold or unresponsive to their needs.
  • I often ask other people what they would feel if in my personal situation (any situation), as this better helps me understand what to do.
  • I use my imagination mainly for practical means, eg., like how to work out a problem or construct a useful idea or object.
  • My imagination is often spontaneous, unpredictable and involuntary.
  • I get in a muddle when I try to describe how I feel about an important event.
  • I make decisions based on principles rather than gut feelings.


You show high alexithymic traits.

Alexythimia in short – a difficulty describing feelings to other people.