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The only thing I learn about growing up was just the idea of dramaturgy,  that life is like a never ending drama in which people are the actors of their own. This everyday life is our stage that we need to play our role smoothly as well as we going to an end.

We become really good to maintain our front stage so much different with our back stage. But lately, this is just going much crazy… wondering how it happens on people with a good achievement and so much followers. But they prefer meaning it as just the spare.. They didn’t really mean it.

They just want to perform perfect but forget about their real- detail things. They just ACT in front of others in order to manipulate others’ impression. Regrettably, they didnt really maintain it as well as their truth personality. Its like there is no a real innocent person left, they just act as what  they want people to see.

Pretending a good impression just to them wo would give any advantage or imply their status. They just focus to people who could gave any priority to them  in order to maintain his/her achievement.   So how it would be when he/she  behave with people from another circle? (who doesn’t influent them ) They would act perfectly different. They didn’t care about their behave to them if  it is properly or not.They just making fun of it.  They just act what they want to act…  removing  their mask. Their truly self….their back stage, so much different as what delivered on their main circle.

As simple as that..

Doesn’t matter how bad it is, because it would not imply their image for any chance (since its from another circle) .  They didn’t care other people see them that bad as it has anything to do to their image on their front stage or main circle.

I dont know again.. how this world going to. Which one true or false, just blurred because everyone has their own argument.  One pretend like it has nothing to do with religion. Or claiming their framework as liberal or anything. Utilizing  justification as the truth. Annoying! isn’t it?

Ok then.. It is doesn’t deal with any religion.. but do you people remember about dignity?

Dignity, the only thing that I find it really hard today on people.To me it is the only thing should be maintained. It would be the answer for faking-friendship, cheat competitor,  lying people, unresponsible person, dishonest, corruption, …etc

As time goes.. it will reveal a lot about who has dignity and who has it not. Whatever their achievement or image its not the only measurement we should concerned about. Because it doesn’t answer anything. Why it is the main thing I sure about because without it (dignity) our identity just erased. It would maintain people long-lasting character. To not to always disappeared into the background where they were stand. To be brutally honest to ourself, and others. To be have our responsibility about our choice and its concequency. Because what we send out will comes back.

The dignity will be there on people who behave naturally, good everywhere without masked their own life. To wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve. They, who didnt that much concerned about people praises but doing their best everywhere to everyone. Without separating other as influental one or not. It kind of person who behave for them self only, as their own dignity against them to  do wrong  things. They take manners above everything.  It kind of people who’ve been done with them self.  To be what they really are without fooling others.

no matter how hard this life, only dignity still remains it is worth far more than anything….Lets our patience keep our dignity. – @syailariza