Hello dear past, am going to healing my self from you and all the things related.

Yes, it takes so much times, so much thing called ‘appetency’ since am the kind of stubborn.

To fight a hole in center of my chest that noone can see-feeling. The times that cannot sleep at all. Eating well. A dead numb and never ending sobbing. ..well to much sorrow to desribe. Lets leave it behind.

I can survive this.. I can, after my deep talk with my own self and universe. I didnt ask for help, or even the person from the past but i just wondering that am I happy right now? Am i miserable? And is everything need to be connected?


The answer is always No. I realize every evidence seem so bright to lead my self keep moving. Wont anything wreck me far, and want to get straight with that. Try to believe that something better waiting me there, on my next path, with a good start without end.

I give my self times to understand,

…that there is no such accident for meeting people, it kind of mutually decided to encounter each other for just a moment, kind of the path you should through as learning process.

Not to celebrate our pain but to make us sure to turn off our relationships with destructive people. It kind of please save yourself for once, for everything might ruin you. Cut the path which doesnt work to your improvement. To make this experience lifting you to a higher level of being.

 And to believe that there’s a plan behind it all-

To think with positive manner, sometime being in relationships of person was just to open up our mindset. To chase ourselves some happiness we need.

So …i am running… left my past, seeking my true happiness.

And now, i am here.. (:



After all this part of yours, have you wondering how strong you are? Yes… there will be no exact answer could describe. You’ve been amazing through all the things. And you know, no one such an outcast… there’be your strength forward.

This is your start, realizing for how brave you’ve been …. for face every fears, for face out-voices. Only you would understand If you win, you win. If you lose, you win .. because you did it. GIVE A CHANGES in your life, try harder, hold tightly, and believe.

Always have the perfect times to be happy and create the life we want. You will wonder after several years, what ur self doing until years a go. You will find the answer; and learning about ur self everyday.

And… there is still so much to see ❤.