Have u ever been in a ruin palace? Some line that everything seems so hard to chase. What you only can do is stay strong. Yes.. thats the only option. Do not waste ur times thinking another solution, because you need to move, not again feeling sorry to urself.

What you need is to keep control, dont give away ur only power. Say beautifully:

Hi, Challenges, welcome!

And step by step .. little by little face every things might comes to you. Just be brave, without bad asumes on anything. What you really need for sure is to keep ur faith within you.

Remember about GOD.. the factor X .. the results from ur human plans.
Just believe everything happened is for ur own good. So, stop sobbing- stop to logically thinking about why thing goes wrong that perfectly different from ur plan.

Stay Happy. It will manipulate ur situatuion, yess they depends on urs. I remember about one concept called ’definition situation’ you take the main role to define or redifine ur situation. Do not permit other to do it, since you need to not-contaminated. Don’t complain.. just feel every feeling u felt; with ur patience; because yu need to save ur energy on next (important) things you can control. Yes dear, be happy because sad wont change things you can not control.

Kind, is always must. Being kind to other is the most variable that would led you to the better condition. You need to lifting others up. The happiness from others is your achievment, because it give you satisfaction as useful person.

Take every fears and calculated risks, because you already think deeply about every action you’ve made and you have to take every concequency from it. So just .. do it with ur responsibility of decision. You have to deal with things from ur past behaviour, it is part of your improvement to be a better person. And after that you wont make the same mistake…

You wont give up; because you believe that every failure also ur chance to improve ur self…


We dont spend unproductive thoughts and always think productively. It need to be done as well as we need to considering our achievment everyday and where will we going …

We are above everything else

Because the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.